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Artist Rules and Sign Up!!!

Rules for Artists
1. Claiming a story means you agree to create at least one piece of art to go with the story.
2. Art can be of any type - original, photo manip, cover art, fanmixes, vid, etc.
3. Art or vids can be of any rating you choose, but you should, out of courtesy, contact your author before creating anything too explicit.
4. You agree to keep your artwork under wraps until your assigned due date.
5. You must be able to post your work to your personal site/journal, and then let your author know the link, so it can be included on the story master list.
6. Artists much agree to stay in communication with their author
7. If you claim a story and can't follow through, you will need to contact me and your author with the reason or you'll be banned from the challenge next year.

Artist sign up with the following form in the comments:

Tags: 2013, artist sign-ups, sign-ups

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